How to Stop Buying Shiny Objects

Continually chasing the latest shiny object can be hugely damaging for your ability to start or grow your successful online business.

You may be on so many marketer’s lists that you are continually bombarded with these types of offers. They are a major distraction and can have a huge impact on your ability to focus on the task at hand and what needs to be done to grow your business.

Although they may only be low ticket items between $9 to $37 say, they can soon add up to burning a big hole in your pocket as well derailing your business plan or strategy.

The shiny object appeals to us because it usually offers an instant fix. It promises us success without effort, something for nothing. You’ll see claims like get instant buyer traffic without paid ads. Sit on a beach make $x a day with this push button “new” breakthrough system. It can be a software or PDF report, plugin or any other media.

Some people become so addicted to buying shiny objects that once they buy they don’t even bother to read or use the product before they move onto the next new shiny object that’s put in front of them. They instinctively know they won’t get results from the product…Just like the last time.

Some successful marketers I know talk about providing their potential customers with chocolate covered cabbage. They first tell them about what the consumer craves or desires, the chocolate, before revealing what they actually need, what’s good for them, and with some hard work,is capable of getting them positive results.

Shiny objects usually turn out to be all sugar and very little goodness. Chocolate covered chocolate!

So how can we stop buying shiny objects and focus on the tasks that will help us actually build a successful online business?

My wife is a retail consultant and she understands exactly how some of the big high street retailers persuade us to buy.

This applies as much to the online shiny object chocolate covered chocolate except we’re usually talking more quality products offering value in return for her money.

If she feels she really wants to buy a product in a store she’ll walk away. If she still wants it in 24 hours time she may go back and buy it then. More often than not she won’t buy.

What an amazing woman she is! No wonder we’ve been married for over 35 years LOL.

This may take some persistence, self control and practice but adopting this sort of approach yourself, I hope will help you combat the problem.

Also be aware of the scarcity tactics marketers will throw at you. I’ve got no problem with these if they’re genuine and ethically used. For instance its possible to pick up some great, genuine bargains.Just take Black Monday special offers as one example. What is unacceptable is the use of false scarcity tactics but that’s the subject of another rant altogether.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you get value from it. Don’t get distracted from what you need to do to build your business and save your cash.

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To round off, I can promise you that the “Iceberg Effect” brought to you in association with my own mentor Dean Holland could never be described as a shiny object.

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Thanks for listening.

Hope to see you again soon.

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