How I got to number 1 on google within 3 minutes flat

Here’s the true story of how I made a video, posted it on Youtube and got to number 1 within 3 minutes. I can’t actually believe it myself. I don’t even know why I checked google right after posting the video. I wasn’t expecting to see it there at all, let alone on page 1 number 1!

So here’s the screenshot I took of it. You’ll see it there right at the top. It  says 3 minutes ago and  competing with over 10 million pages.

Who knows whether it will still be there by the time you read this but hey I’m still buzzing.

I even got some comments on my new channel saying what an awesome video it was and would I like to be Youtube friends. I’ve got no idea what a Youtube friend is so maybe it’s just some people trying to spam me. That sometimes happens online.

So This Is How I did It

There’s a bonus tip here too. I recently came back from the our conference in London. One of the things talked about  was the leveraging content.

So I wrote a blog post about How to stop buying Shiny objects with a great tip on how to do this. After posting to my blog I used the content to write an email for my list in my autoresponder. I then used the same content ( a very cut down version) using some brilliant software called Content Samurai. As one of my readers you can find out about a 7 day totally free trial when you click HERE

I’ve only been messing around with the software for a few days. I used it to make the video for my bridge page and I’ve got to say I’ve fallen in love with it. It takes a bit of practice but the training is great inside the members area.

My main tip for using it is to make your videos short and punchy rather than long. My own thinking is to leave a little bit of intrigue depending on what is your call to action.

Also important I suspect, it was totally original content so you do need to put in some work. But you know what they say is great about having a successful online business- do the work once and reap the reward over and over.

The links are my affiliate link so if you buy through that I will receive a commission. Of course,it doesn’t change the price, but it does help support what I do. So if you feel like I’ve  helped out and you want to return the favor, this is a great way to spread the love, and I really appreciate it.

As this blog is all about online business and affiliate marketing its also worth  knowing that Content Samurai is a great affiliate program in itself. It is however a closed program which means you can only be an affiliate if you’re a customer. In my opinion these are usually some of the very best affiliate programs so here’s that link again should you want to find out more.

Anyway, next, I uploaded the video to Youtube and completed the description using some of the content I’d already written.

I gave attribution to the images that Content Samurai had found for me and inserted into my video. Then I added some tags, basically obvious words. I guess an important part of the SEO thing was I named the video the same name as the title.

Hit publish then Bam! Next thing I know I’ve checked google and there it is right at the very top.

You can see the actual Video  here-


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